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6/10/2002 Overnight Catfishing
6/13/2002 Missippi Gar
6/17/2002 Journal entry for Monday.
6/20/2002 Fortune cookie
7/13/2002 Catfish Research
7/23/2002 UPDATED!!! Strange fish?
12/10/2002 Journal entry for Tuesday.
1/16/2003 Muskie Review
1/31/2003 Journal entry for Friday.

Overnight Catfishing
New Moon
Spring : 6/10/2002


Partly Cloudy

Every time i catch a catfish i am torn between thinking it is so disgusting i don't even want to touch it to get my hook back and thinking it is the most beautiful thing in the inside Mississippi.
Who is uglier?

Got to get my hook back

Missippi Gar
The Moon is waxing at 25% of full.
Spring : 6/13/2002

I cought this gar on the Mississippi. Gar are difficult to catch because there mouth is hard and that makes it difficult to hook.
Missippi River Gar

Journal entry for Monday.
First Quarter Moon
Spring : 6/17/2002

It is strange to see a trout in the Mississippi river. Maybe it came in through a underground stream.
Rainbow trout?

close up

Fortune cookie
The Moon is waxing at 72% of full.
Spring : 6/20/2002


Today's student is tomorow's master.

Catfish Research
The Moon is waxing at 25% of full.
Summer : 7/13/2002


Doing a little research for Calcuweight.


UPDATED!!! Strange fish?
The Moon is waxing at 93% of full.
Summer : 7/23/2002


I cought a strange fish. Here is a picture. Does anyone know what it is?
Stephen said it is a Mooneye. The Fishing Works Records section says that the Minnesota Record for a mooneye is 1 pound 15 ounces. It was caught in Redwood on the Minnesota River.

Journal entry for Tuesday.
The Moon is waxing at 45% of full.
Fall : 12/10/2002


Ice fishing is fun. I wish there was polar bears in Minnesota.

photoshop is cool

Muskie Review
The Moon is waxing at 93% of full.
Winter : 1/16/2003

The dnr stocks a hybrid muskie called a tiger muskie. As the name implies, this is a muskie crossed with a tiger. Thats why they get so big. Just kidding. WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA!!!
I can harldy lift this momma!

Check out the coloring!

Journal entry for Friday.
The Moon is waning at 11% of full.
Winter : 1/31/2003


Bullhead... carefull!

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